Below you will find areas of further research you can conduct based upon your area of interest. For example, if you enjoy music, you can study all the musical responses that were created from that day.

Creative Arts
-Find music written about the terror attacks or issues involved with the tragedy. Analyze the lyrics. How do they apply to historical facts? Is the songwriter making a political statement? Compare the music to that which was created during other American tragedies.

-Locate artistic representations of the issues surrounding the attacks (the actual events, firefighters, rescue efforts, etc...).
Analyze the art. How do they apply to historical facts? Is the artist making a political or other type of statement through the art?

-Should the mosque have been constructed in 2010 near Ground Zero?
-How should airport security be handled? Are enchanted putdowns and scanners that see under clothing appropriate?
-Is it acceptable or constitutional to give extra scrutiny to Arabs at airports?

-What was the economic impact of the crashes on the companies headquartered in the buildings?
-How did the 9/11 attacks impact the stock market both in the short and long term?

-What was the financial impact on survivors who worked in the World Trade Center towers?
-Who were the people who gained financially from the tragedy? (this is not an attack on those people, it is a reality of life. When there is a disaster, all types of peripheral industries benefit financially).

-Why are there so many conspiracy theories?
-What went into the decision made by the people who jumped from the towers?
-How does the mind work in "fight or flight" mode?
-How do different people deal with extreme stress in different ways?
-What type of physical training would be necessary for a firefighter to climb to different levels of the towers?

Physical Impairments
-What are the long term (to this point) of the condition that has come to be known World Trade Center Lung?
-How does Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) affected those involved in the attacks?
-Identify and evaluate major components of New York's crisis management system at the time, and how they have made improvements.

-Study the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center. Is there anything from the event that could and should have foreshadowed the attacks?
-Study the hunt for bin Laden by former Presidents Clinton and Bush, and by current President Obama. With whom should the credit and blame lie?

Language Arts
-Find poetry about the day, events, heroes or other related topics. Analyze how the poetry relates facts and information about the attacks. What message is the author trying to communicate?

-Use math to calculate different aspects of the day's events: With how much force did the planes hit the buildings? Based on how quickly the towers collapsed, how far away could someone have wound up if they started running the instant the towers began to collapse?

-Analyze the military response of the United States to the terror attacks? Which were correct decisions? Which were incorrect?
-Describe the challenges the U.S. military faced in Afghanistan? What did they learn from Soviet intervention in the 1980s.

-What were the political responses to the U.S. response in Afghanistan and in Iraq?
-Compare President Bush's speech on the night of September 11th to Franklin Delano's speech after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

-Describe the structural composition of the buildings? What updates were made with the new towers?
-Describe the state of the art aspects of the elevators in the towers before the attacks.

-What are other situations in American history where groups of people have been scrutinized more closely in response to a crisis?
-What are other situation in world history where groups of people have been scrutinized more closely?

Tech Ed
-Research the materials the towers were made out of. Why did they collapse? How could the contraction have been made more solidly to prevent the collapse?

-How does a cell phone service become "overloaded?" Were there some cell services that had better chance of getting through than others in New York City?