spaceOn September 14th, 2001, President Bush visited Ground Zero to examine the extent of the damage, and to offer his support for the heroic rescue workers of New York City. Firefighter Bob Beckwith climbed to the top to make sure the pile was stable enough. On his way down, President Bush said to Beckwith, "Where are you going? You stay right here."
President Bush then stood atop the broken remains of the towers with Beckwith and delivered a short but powerful speech to a small audience that had gathered. Although it was one of the most informal presidential speeches in history, and was given through a megaphone, President Bush’s speech is likely to be one of the most remembered by an American President.
Although he did not always agree with President Bush's policies, the two have kept in touch since that fateful afternoon at Ground Zero.

Bush with Firefighter.jpg
President Bush and Firefighter Bob Beckwith

Bush 9 11 02.jpg
President and Mrs. Bush(center-right) walk down an aisle to the location of Ground Zero
where they laid a wreath to honor the fallen on the 1-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

Bush 9 11 02 PN.jpg
President and Mrs. Bush take part in another wreath-laying ceremony on 9/11/02 at the site of the Flight 93 crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.