Immediate Reaction
spaceThe attacks on September 11th left Americans disoriented and confused. Immediately following the attacks many just stood in the middle of the street as cars honked and sirens wailed. As the buildings began collapsing, it was common to see hundreds of terrified New Yorkers sprinting down side streets as they were chased by massive dust clouds. After the attacks had ended, many New Yorkers were left standing around, shocked, stunned, and unsure of how to act.

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Post September 11th Reaction
spaceIt is likely that Al-Qaeda, the terrorist group that attacked the U.S., had hoped American and world reaction would quickly turn against the United States. Instead, the opposite occurred as people united in New York, across America and around the world in support of the Americans and New Yorkers who lost their lives.

2001 World Series.jpg
spaceAlthough it was delayed, the 2001 World Series(above right) went on as scheduled. Appropriately, the New York Yankees were the American League representatives. Since the World Series is typically played in October, canceling it was not a consideration for commissioner Bud Selig. Paul Tagliabue, the NFL commissioner at the time, did need to decide whether to cancel games because the next NFL games were scheduled for Sunday, September 16th. In his mind was the decision of his predecessor, Pete Rozelle, who chose to play games two days after former President Kennedy was assassinated. Rozelle deeply regretted his decision. After consideration, Tagliabue said to himself, "I don't have to take a vote of the owners. I have the authority in extraordinary circumstances to make this decision and I'm going to do it. Games were cancelled and did not resume until September 23rd, 2001. View the video(above left) to see coverage of the NFL's first games after the attacks.

spaceDesigned by David Childs, the World Trade Center towers now stand 1,776 feet above the ground, have 3 million square feet of office space, a lobby with a 50-foot ceiling an an observation deck at the 1,241 foot mark. The building is intended to set a standard both in advanced architecture but in safety and sustainability. The building combines steel welding and bolting, the safety specifications of the buildings exceed the requirements of the New York City Building Code, there is a police command center on the site of the new buildings and the energy design uses industry standards in efficiency, pollution reduction, water conservation and air quality. The trade center will also explore next generation energy such as: cogeneration and fuel cells and off-site hydro and wind power. For many New Yorkers and Americans, most importantly, the towers have been rebuilt. View the video above to observe time lapse construction of the towers.

Discussion Questions
1. In what way was the American reaction likely not what the hijacker had intended?